BREAKING NEWS: Body found in Rockwood (UPDATED)

UPDATE 1:54pm 12/18/17:

Rockwood Police, Fire First Responders and EMS were sent to a residence in the 300 block of North Kingston Avenue this morning around 9:30, after a call from Emma Dowdy stated a man who had been staying in a storage shed on her property was having medical issues and needed to be checked out. According to Rockwood Police Chief Bill Stinnett, the shed behind the home was the place the man identified as Brent O’Dell had been staying for a few weeks, and as they arrived he was unresponsive. The man was taken to Roane Medical Center where a coroner was to meet the ambulance and investigate the body. Initial reports stated the man was found in the alley behind the home, however after speaking with Police the man was found inside the shed.

UPDATE 11:33AM 12/18/17:  Initial call came in around 9:28am.  The body was located at 314 North Kingston Avenue near Family Hair Care.  CPR was initiated by the Rockwood Fire Department First Responders until EMS arrived at 10am.  There were no units in Roane County at the time, the unit responding was called in from Oak Ridge.  EMS asked for the medical examiner to come to the scene and the Roane County Rescue Squad has responded to transport the body, but it is unclear if the body was transported to Roane Medical Center or to the University of Tennessee Forensics Center.  We will provide more information as it becomes available.

Rockwood Police are on the scene as of 10:15 am at the 300 block of North Kingston Avenue, in the alley, where a body has been discovered. The unidentified man was found by a passerby and called authorities. More details as they become available as the investigation is continuing .

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4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Body found in Rockwood (UPDATED)

  1. Rick

    “There were no units in Roane County at the time,” Let that sink in next time you or a love one is really sick in Roane County.

  2. Molly Otoole

    Like Roane county is that big???? I’m sorry as much as we pay…..we shouldn’t have to expect a 911 dispatch to come from oak ridge…..let’s get more help…and spare some funds from the judges or whoever is getting the funds…..this is bullshit……you cant make excuses for that….we pay good money in our taxes…….so no reason ….we are a small town so find it hard to believe the ambulances were way to busy……

    • Carole Keys

      Molly, this is Roane County, if it had been someone important, it would have been handled differently. The Rockwood Police department called ME to come to the police station to tell ME my son had passed away. This is how sorry of an operation they run. If they had ANY decency as a police department, that investigator would have gotten up off his lazy butt and delivered the devastating news at my home.


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