Morgan County Woman Charged with Introduction into a Penal Facility

Sierra Faith Massengale, 19, 314 Back Petros Road, Oliver Springs

On Thursday, November 2nd at approximately 11:11pm, Deputy A. Watts responded to the intake interlock at the Roane County Detention Center to bring an in-custody female in for processing. Upon arrival at the interlock, contact was made with Sierra Massengale, who was in the custody of Kingston Police Officer B. Luttrel. Before allowing Ms. Massengale to enter the facility she was asked if she had any drugs, weapons, or associated paraphernalia on her person. She at that time answered “no” to all questions.  Massengale was then advised before she entered the Roane County Detention Facility if any drugs or contraband were found on her person she would be charged with felony introduction. Once inside the interlock an initial search of Sierra Massengale was conducted, it was during that initial search that a clear bag that contained a clear crystalline substance was found in the stomach area of Sierra Massengale. Kingston Police Officer B. Luttrel tested the substance once in the intake area and it did test positive for methamphetamine. This substance will be sent to the TBI crime lab for further testing/identification. Ms. Massengale is being charged (TCA 3916201) introduction into a penal facility which is a Class C Felony and punishable by 3-15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Sierra Faith Massengale’s charges:
1 39-17-425-M Unlawful Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia
2 39-17-418  Simple Possession Or Casual Exchange
3 39-16-201  DRUG Introduction Of Contraband Into A Penal Institution (Drugs)

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