One Arrest Made in Harriman Home Invasion

Jordan Taylor Crabtree, 19

A break in the case of a home invasion in Harriman has been partially solved with one arrest overnight.  Jordan Taylor Crabtree, 19, of 677 Highway 70 Rockwood, was arrested late last night around 10pm by sheriff’s deputies at a residence in Rockwood. A call to central dispatch requested officers to 677 Highway 70 for a vehicle that was found in a gravel area stuck beside the railroad tracks but no one around it. After a check with dispatch the car was the one stolen last Saturday morning from a residence in Harriman. Sheriff’s deputies were able to obtain some information inside that led them to Jordan Crabtree in Rockwood at 537 South Kingston Avenue. The owner of the residence gave officers permission to search the house and officers located several stolen items from the Harriman burglary and Crabtree hiding in a back bedroom. Rockwood officers assisted Sheriff’s deputies with the search and investigation.  Detective Turner from the Harriman Police Department also responded. Two other persons inside were arrested for warrants not related to the Harriman case.  Jordan Crabtree ,19, faces a slew of charges including:

Aggravated Assault
Theft of Property ($1001-$2499)
Theft of Property ($2,500-$9,999)
Aggravated Robbery
Aggravated Kidnapping
Aggravated Assault
Vandalism (Up To $500 During Burglary)
Aggravated Burglary
Aggravated Robbery
Aggravated Kidnapping
PAR Introduction Contraband into Penal Institution (Paraphernalia)

Harriman Police Chief Dereck Pacifico told us that their investigators are in the process of looking for other suspects involved, and more information will be released as soon as it becomes available.  Crabtree’s arrest stems from an incident last Saturday morning where Officers were dispatched to 149
McNew Drive, Harriman for a 911 call about a robbery in progress. Karen Reeves, 60, was home with her granddaughter, Krystina Reeves, when multiple unknown suspects dressed all in black and wearing masks forced entry into the victim’s home. The suspects held the victims at gunpoint for a period while demanding money and taking property from the victims. The suspects rummaged through the victim’s property demanding they open locked items before stealing several weapons and a 2010 light blue Toyota Avalon from the victim’s residence. Karen Reeves was taken to a hospital for a possible broken arm and other injuries sustained during the robbery when a suspect(s) hit her several times with a baseball bat. Krystina Reeves, 22, was physically uninjured during the event.

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2 thoughts on “One Arrest Made in Harriman Home Invasion

  1. Walter

    Wow what a tough guy , u mean he beat up a 60 yr old woman with a baseball bat , watch out for this bad dude, if all goes well he will burn in he”” ”’

  2. Walter

    What hole do these little rats sneak out of at night to rage war on little ol lady’s , could we not exterminate them and do it quietly so there is no fuss over trash like this.


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