October is Crime Prevention Month

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Department joins with the Anderson County Board of Commissioners in proclaiming October as Crime Prevention Month for 2017. The Sheriff’s Department has challenged the entire community to make crime prevention a priority and wishes to thank law enforcement officers throughout Anderson County along with the many people who have taken personal responsibility for their neighborhoods as well as community organizations that work for the common good.

In 1984, the National Crime Prevention Council, the nation’s center of
excellence for preventing crime, designated October as Crime Prevention
Month. The month-long commemoration reflects the adage that prevention
pays off. NCPC strongly believes that citizen involvement in crime prevention
can and has played a vital role in helping many communities stay safe.

Crime Prevention Month recognizes successful crime prevention efforts on the local, state,and national levels to generate interest and enthusiasm for prevention efforts to continue to grow even stronger and become more widespread.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Department wishes to recognize those who have
contributed to preventing crime in Anderson County. Sheriff’s deputies, along with other
local, state, and federal law enforcement officers, work tirelessly each day to combat crime.
Investigators share information with other agencies on a daily basis and by working
together are solving cases and making arrests. Crime analysis and mapping allows
deputies to work smarter by showing where and when crimes are occurring and predicting
areas where they may occur.

One of the most successful crime prevention methods is the Neighborhood Watch
program. Throughout the county there are some 30 Neighborhood Watch groups keeping
a close eye on their community. Neighbors watching out for neighbors has been a success
and the department thanks those volunteers who have made a difference.

Neighborhood Watch is one of the oldest and most effective crime prevention programs
in the country, bringing citizens together with law enforcement to deter crime and make
communities safer.

Sponsored by the National Sheriff’s Association, Neighborhood Watch can trace it’s roots
back to the days of colonial settlements, when night watchmen patrolled the streets. The
modern version was developed in response to sheriffs and police chiefs who were looking
for a crime prevention program that would involve citizens and address an increasing
number of burglaries.

Launched in 1972, Neighborhood Watch counts on citizens to organize themselves and
work with law enforcement to keep a trained eye and ear on their communities, while
demonstrating their presence at all times of day and night. Neighborhood Watch works
because it reduces opportunities for crime to occur; it doesn’t rely on altering or changing
the criminal’s behavior or motivation.

For information about crime prevention or forming a Neighborhood Watch group in your
community, please contact Deputy David Massengill 865-457-6255, extension 150.

Visit the National Crime Prevention Council website:

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