Roane Academy and Omni Visions says no riot Occurred

Roane Academy has questioned our news story that a riot took place at the center on Tuesday.  A press release by the Public Relations person for Omni Visions and Roane Academy wanted to clarify that there was no riot at Roane Academy on Tuesday as we reported.

Jennifer Wigal, Director of Marketing and Communications for Roane Academy, said there was no riot and that Employees were in control at all times.  In fairness to Roane Academy here is the press release that they sent us:

“In the early evening on Tuesday, October 10, Roane Academy’s fire alarm experienced a mechanical issue due to condensation. Per our protocol, Academy staff escorted all residents to the facility’s gymnasium where a fight broke out between two residents. The two youth in question were quickly restrained by Academy personnel and released from restraints after they deescalated. All residents were safely escorted outside with the exception of three youth who remained in the gymnasium.” 

“In response to the fire alarm, Roane County Fire Department, Roane County EMT and Roane County Sherriff’s Department arrived at the facility. The three Academy residents in the gymnasium became verbally aggressive with Sherriff’s Department personnel. In response, Sherriff’s personnel handcuffed all three youth and tased one who was non-complaint with their requests.

“All other residents were escorted back to the dorms without incident. Our staff followed protocol and maintained safety within the facility throughout this episode. Previous reports characterized the episode as a ‘riot,’ which is completely inaccurate. The facility was under staff control throughout.”

She did not clarify if there were any injuries to staff or any residents as reported.

Jennifer Wigal, APR
Director, Marketing & Communication
3LS Incorporated
301 S. Perimeter Park Drive, Suite 200, Nashville, Tennessee 37211
Ofc: 615.823.5860 x1905

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