Small Riot at Roane Academy. Control Restored Quickly

Several Roane County Sheriff’s Deputies and Rockwood police were called to The Roane Academy Teen Re-Habilitation Center last night just after 7pm, where a riot between teens housed there occurred. According to sources a teen activated the fire alarm inside, and then as protocol all residents must be taken outside in the fenced in yard until Fire personnel arrive to check it out, or the all clear is given from staff to return indoors. A fight broke out between the teens and as staff attempted to gain control one was injured as a hand sanitizer dispenser busted and the contents were sprayed into the persons eyes. He received treatment on the scene and was not transported neither were any of the teens according to reports. Law enforcement were able after arriving, to gain control of the facility within 15 minutes. This is not the first-time law officials have been called to the facility, as numerous calls have been recorded over the course of the facilities operations, which gained approval to build in the Roane Industrial Park in Rockwood 7 years ago. Omni Visions is the key operator of the facility which houses trouble teens from across the Country to rehab them back into society and stay out of trouble.

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