Former member of Congress, Bob Clement (D-TN) to speak and sign books at the Green McAdoo Cultural Center in Clinton, Tennessee

Clement’s new memoir, “Presidents, Kings and Convicts: My Journey from the Tennessee Governor’s Residence to the Halls of Congress,” shares his front row seat to some of America’s most significant events including the 1956 desegregation of Clinton High School

NASHVILLE, TN March 20- On Monday, April 10, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the Green McAdoo Cultural Center, 101 School Street in Clinton, Tennessee, former U.S. Congressman Bob Clement will read and sign his new memoir, “Presidents, Kings, and Convicts: My Journey from the Tennessee Governor’s Residence to the Halls of Congress.”

Congressman Clement’s book describes behind-the-scenes accounts of some of his most memorable events beginning with his childhood-growing up in the Tennessee Governor’s mansion, to becoming a TVA director, military officer, college president, successful businessman and a member of Congress for eight terms. It features a chapter on the desegregation of the South, specifically the role his father, Frank G. Clement, played in helping to integrate Clinton High School, fighting against the racial intolerance of the day. He was instrumental in restoring order after the tragic bombing of the school in 1958, and ushering twelve black students back to the school in an act of racial equality and tolerance.

The book also examines the current hyper-partisanship in politics today and offers solutions for fixing the country; Tennessee politics and behind-the-scenes stories growing up as the son of Governor Frank G. Clement; entertaining stories about Music City USA; inside stories about local, national and international politicians and events; what makes great leaders; and how to restore public service and politics as careers worth pursuing. In addition, at the end of each chapter are “Clement’s Contemplations,” humorous musings about politics and life.”

For more information on the Green McAdoo Cultural Center, contact: Tim Thompson, 865-216-7850 ( For other book signing events, or to book future events, email:, or visit Clement’s Facebook page. The book may be purchased on Archway Publishing’s website, Amazon, Barnes& Noble, Parnassus Books, and other bookstores across the country, and on Clement’s web site:

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