Chief Deputy Mark Lucas Announces Anderson Sheriff Candidacy

   Chief Deputy Mark Lucas announced today he will be seeking the Office of Anderson County Sheriff in the 2018 election. Sheriff Paul White will be retiring at the end of his third term which ends in August of 2018.

Mark Lucas is a veteran law enforcement officer with thirty nine years of experience. Mark began his career as a reserve deputy with Knox County in 1978. He joined the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department a year later and worked as a dispatcher and a jailer before being assigned to patrol in 1980. Mark was promoted to patrol supervisor in 1986 and held that position until 1990. From 1990 until 1994, Mark worked for the Clinton Police Department where he also served as patrol supervisor.

In 1994, Mark Lucas was appointed Chief Deputy with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department and has held that position for more than twenty-two years. Mark has the
unique distinction of serving as Chief Deputy under three different Sheriffs.

Mark has received extensive training in many areas of law enforcement throughout his
career including command-level management and supervision. From community policing
to criminal investigations, jail management and court security, as well as communications,
incident command and emergency management, Mark has a vast knowledge of public
safety operations. Mark is also a graduate of the F.B.I. Law Enforcement Executive
Development Program.

During his tenure as Chief Deputy, Mark had the opportunity to implement many ideas and
practices as to how the Sheriff’s Department could meet the needs of the community. The
department has been reorganized to be more efficient, more effective, and more proactive.
Emphasis has been placed on enforcement for the prevention, detection, and investigation
of crimes.

Crime prevention and programs such as Neighborhood Watch were implemented and have
helped to reduce crime in Anderson County. A crime prevention officer was established
and has allowed the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department to interact with the community
and use their help to thwart criminals.

As Chief Deputy, Mark helped forge close relationships with local, state, and federal law
enforcement agencies. These relationships have resulted in numerous joint investigations
both for illegal drug activity as well as the investigation of burglaries and thefts.

Mark has moved the Sheriff’s Department into the new age of technology. Crime analysis
and a daily crime report have allowed deputies to patrol in areas where crimes are
occurring. Deputies now have laptop computers in patrol cars which allow them to remain
out in the community instead of driving back to the office to fill out reports.

Mark worked to implement a partnership with the Anderson County Board of Education and
the Anderson County School System which has allowed eight sheriff’s deputies to be
assigned as school resource officers in the county school system. These deputies not only
serve as protectors of our students and staff but also as teachers, coaches, and mentors
for our youth. New programs in our schools, such as Law Enforcement Against Drugs,
teach our children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

These efforts have made a difference. The overall number of crimes reported to the
Sheriff’s Department have decreased almost 68% from 2007 to 2015. This drop in crime
can be directly attributed to proactive law enforcement, increased patrols of the rural areas
of the county, and enhanced criminal investigations. In addition, the crime clearance rate
has improved significantly during this time.

The Sheriff has the responsibility to provide law enforcement services to the residents of
Anderson County. This not only includes patrolling the county roads and answering calls
but investigating crimes and illegal activity. The Sheriff also assists the municipal police
departments when needed and provides many other law enforcement services throughout
the entire county.

One of the Sheriff’s most significant duties is the operation of the county jail. The Sheriff’s
responsibilities also include transporting prisoners, providing security to the courts, serving
criminal warrants and civil process, 9-1-1 communications, and many other duties set forth
by state law. The majority of the duties of the Sheriff’s Department are done countywide,
in each of the cities, not just in the rural areas.

Chief Deputy Mark Lucas is uniquely qualified to be Sheriff of Anderson County. With
thirty-nine years of law enforcement experience and over twenty-two years as Chief
Deputy, Mark has the knowledge, ability, and dedication to serve the citizens of Anderson
County. From patrol and investigations, to the jail and the courts, and the service of civil
process and criminal warrants, Mark knows the many duties and enormous responsibilities
of the Office of the Sheriff. His leadership has brought the Sheriff’s Department to the
forefront of law enforcement agencies in Tennessee and, today, the Anderson County
Sheriff’s Department is among the best in the state. Mark offers “Proven Leadership” to
the Office of Anderson County Sheriff.

“It has been a great honor and privilege to serve the citizens of Anderson
County over the last twenty-two years as Chief Deputy. If the people of
Anderson County honor me with their support in the 2018 elections, I will
continue to work tirelessly with the dedicated men and women of the Sheriff’s
Department to keep Anderson County one of the safest in Tennessee.”
Chief Deputy Mark Lucas

The Mark Lucas For Sheriff Campaign may be reached at 865-307-0973 or by email at

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