Gospel Singers Reunion

It’s that time of the year again for the annual Gospel Singers Reunion. The event hosted by Dudley Evans is coming up October 26th at The Rockwood Event Center. This years food drive event, according to Evans, will bring good talent to the Event Center for the annual reunion.

This year you will see and hear Dudley Evans and Victorious, The Lighthouse Trio, Phil Chesney, Billy Wright and friends, Believers Voice, Sandy Sheldon, The Disciples, Josh Collins and others. As part of the music, food, and fellowship, we ask those who attend to bring a non -perishable food item for the area food pantry in Rockwood. Please consider giving non-perishable foods for this annual event at The Rockwood Event Center and Museum, located at the corner of Chamberlin Avenue and West Rockwood Street in Downtown Rockwood.

Refreshments will be available and Prizes will be given away. For further information contact Dudley Evans at 865-315-0505.

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