A False Call of Shots Fired sends the Sheriff’s Department to Home outside Harriman

A false call of a shooting or shots fired at a residence on Woods Chapel Road, north of Harriman, Monday afternoon, sent law enforcement rushing to the area. Sheriff Stockton told us the initial call came into Harriman Police and they, in turn, contacted the Sheriffs Department, since it was outside their city limits. Stockton said the address was 235 Woods Chapel Road and it was a prank call known as “Swatting” which he says is commonly done but it is very dangerous to the residents.  This was definitely the case on Monday when his Swat team rushed to the location only to see the residents very surprised that their house was surrounded by law enforcement officials with weapons drawn. There was no disturbance there, Stockton says, and explained that the home owner’s had no idea who may have called and told dispatch their address. No one was injured but Sheriff Stockton said these types of incidents need to stop before someone does get hurt. He said the call was un-traceable but they are investigating it and charges will be filed.


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