Shots Fired in Roane County, No one injured and no arrests made

A host of law enforcement personnel from the Roane County Sheriff’s Department along with a couple of ambulances staged nearby, went to the 1600 Block of Post Oak Valley Road just after midnight Wednesday after a call to 911 from a neighbor close to the address, said he heard gunshots and someone yelling “don’t shoot me”.  Sheriff Jack Stockton said their department did surround the area and awaited to make entry.  After contacting an individual they realized all 4 persons inside, one female and three males had been fighting and arguing and very intoxicated. Stockton also said, there was a holster found but no weapons as they could have hidden them. He also stated that no arrests were made. One other note of the call as an ambulance was in-route it struck a deer, but no one was injured in that incident, other than the deer.


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