Anderson County committee recommends cutting off AVFD

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The Anderson County Commission’s Operations Committee voted Monday to recommend suspending the county’s annual $20,000 appropriation to the Andersonville Volunteer Fire Department for as long as it remains a subscription-based service.  The county has for some time now, donated $20,000 each year to each of the county’s 10 volunteer firehouse-donation-feat-292x300fire departments and the all-volunteer rescue squad on a rotating basis, but after the AVFD announced it was moving to the subscription-based service, efforts were undertaken to remove it from that rotation.  The fire department was criticized by citizens and some county officials when it launched the program two years ago, not only for charging a fee, but also for how the rollout of the program was handled.  The County Commission will consider that recommendation on Monday.


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One thought on “Anderson County committee recommends cutting off AVFD

  1. Beverly Jane Evans Coleman

    Need to run them out of town on a rail. They are NO LONGER a VOLUNTEER fire dept. The word “embezzlement” comes to mind after receiving two of their nasty threatening letters… I DO NOT APPRECIATE their tactics and the monies we donated previously have been used to install fire extinguishers in every room in our house including the garage. The citizens of Claxton ran this tyrant out of their neighborhood. Andersonville should too.


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