A Roane County Man is Charged with Rape and Domestic Assault

Steven Joel Wilson, 18

An 18-year-old Hispanic male is being held in the Roane County jail for rape and domestic assault charges of his 26-year-old ex-girlfriend.  Steven Joel Wilson, 18, was arrested on Wednesday around 5:30pm. 

According to the police report filed by Detective Keith Kile of the Kingston Police Department, he was called by Sgt. French about a possible rape being reported by a female at the Fort Loudon Medical Center.  Kile spoke with the victim after a rape kit was administered by the nurse.  The victim stated that her ex-boyfriend, Wilson, came over to get some of his belonging as the victim had ended the relationship with him.  After Wilson arrived at the residence, he began assaulting the female by grabbing and choking her.  The victim was able to get away and made it to the bedroom.  Wilson told the victim that he wanted to have sex with her, but the female told him that was not going to happen.  The victim sat down on a couch and Wilson started choking her again and then forcefully tried to pull her shorts down.  The victim stated that after a few minutes she went numb and pulled her shirt over her head.  Wilson then, without consent, pulled her shorts off and had sex with the victim.

           DNA evidence was collected from the victim, victims’ clothes and from the residence as well. That evidence has been sent to the TBI Crime Lab for further testing. Pictures were taken of the victim’s neck, arms and leg for the markings caused by the attack.  After gathering all the evidence, Detective Kile arrested Stephen Wilson on Rape and Domestic assault charges and he is being held in the Roane County jail on $20,000 bond.


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