Roane County Property Owners will see an 11 cent property tax increase

Roane County Property Owners will pay an extra $0.11 on $100 of assessed property values on their next tax payment now that the County Commission, at least 10 of them, voted to raise property taxes last night during a special called session of the commission.  It took nearly two hours to get to that number after a couple of amendments, one by commissioner David Bell who placed on the floor to only raise the tax rate 3 and 1/2 cents with one cent for volunteer fire department needs, $0.02 for payback of the estimated $10 million dollars the county had to borrow to fix Roane County Roads that were destroyed by the February floods, and 1/2 Cent to fix and replace the Aging small sewer plant at the Midway high school. That Amendment failed.  Then another amendment was brought to the table by commissioner Darryl Meadows to reduce the possible increase to 9 cents instead of 11, however that also failed.  The original 11% rate increase was brought back for a vote and it passed by a vote of 10 to 5 with Commissioners Meadows, Berry, Hendrickson, Moore, and Bell voting against the property tax rate increase. The new electronic voting with iPads that the commissioners had a work session on recently, which was only used briefly before, was shut down after several problems and the meeting went back to the original style of voting, that being roll call style. The appropriation resolution, the budget, somewhat confused several commissioners apparently not knowing it had to be passed according to state law. At least an hour was spent on that resolution being explained again and again by county executive Ron Woody. A couple of amendments to change it failed and it was not dealt with following the amendments and they waited until the end of the meeting to go back to it.  The chairman almost adjourned the meeting and had to be told by Woody that they still had to pass the budget before they left. Two Commissioners, who apparently had enough, Stanley Moore and Davis Bell, left before that vote, thinking the meeting was over. They brought the resolution back up with no amendments to the budget appropriations and it passed 10 to 3 to approve the 11-cent property tax increase.


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