Former Oliver Springs Housing Authority Employee Sentenced on Wednesday

A former Oliver Springs Housing Authority employee who used money intended to help disabled and lower income residents, instead paid for cruises, cars, jewelry, cable, and even a prom dress will now be housed in federal prison after sentencing on Wednesday. Melissa Eula May struck a deal to plead guilty in U.S. District Court to wire fraud for diverting into her own hands nearly $150,000 in funds meant for improvements on low-rent housing. On Wednesday, District Judge Thomas W. Phillips, sentenced May to 12 months and 1-day imprisonment, with 6 of those months in home confinement, 3 years probation, restitution in the amount of $149,440.02, and a special assessment fee of $100. The forfeiture of the property that was bought, was dismissed and is now in the hands of the Oliver Springs Police Department.

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3 thoughts on “Former Oliver Springs Housing Authority Employee Sentenced on Wednesday

  1. d

    she deserves everything she got she should had gotten more time she is a low life that will still from the poor while she lived high on the hog how coulld you mellisa do this to anyone those people did without while you partied dressed fine had nice things nice house boats ate fine food went out to eat to ball games while the poor had to do without

    • M

      I feel that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime she committed. I doubt that she has learned any lesson from this.


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