Prison Fight sends 8 to hospital

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A fight at the Morgan County Correctional Facility has resulted in 8 prisoners being transported to the hospital.

Methodist Medical Center was put under extra security while prisoners are being treated. This included the use of ORPD.

The fight, according to sources, appears to have been a rival gang fight.

This is a developing story. We will have more information tomorrow on BBB TV12.

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7 thoughts on “Prison Fight sends 8 to hospital

  1. Melanie

    Why are no other local stations reporting on this? Reading the comments and reviews left on the MCCC FB website, on top of a story like this, which is not being reported on, are surely major red flags to a much, much larger story that obviously precedes this “disturbance”.

    • Brad Jones Post author

      WVLT did in fact report on it. They said that eight were admitted, but didn’t mention the number taken to the ER. I had a source from the prison tell me at least 20 were sent. He may have over exaggerated that number. We are going to work on texting more details today.

  2. Teresa

    Not sure of the unit number but I was told it happened in the triangle. Unit 1-16 is in the compound so it’s not those units


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