OSPD arrest Oliver Springs man on string of break-ins

On May 12 the Oliver Springs Police Department investigated a report of a vehicle theft at 1410 East Tri County Blvd and on May 14 investigated a Burglary at Oscars Market located at 1304 East Tri County Blvd.

During the investigation officers followed up on information which lead to a suspect identified as Marcus Lively 22 of Oliver Springs. The investigation suggested that Mr. Lively was responsible for both incidents inside the city as well as a Burglary of Gingers Market in the Briceville area of Anderson County.

Upon locating Mr. Lively, he was intervied by Captain David Laxton and gave the following information.

On May 12 Mr. Lively stole the vehicle from 1304 East Tri County Blvd and drove to Frostbottom where he committed a burglary in which he took 2 firearms, he then drove the stolen vehicle to Gingers market where he committed another burglary. Mr. lively then drove back to Oliver Springs where he drove into a field on Old Batley Road and burned the vehicle. On May 14 Mr. Lively entered the closed business at 1410 East Tri County Blvd by breaking the glass in the front door and taking the cash register drawer containing money.

Officers were able to recover the cash register drawer where Mr. lively had left it. Also recovered at Mr. Lively residence were a 22 Calibre Pistol from the frost bottom burglary and the location of the other pistol, assorted tools from the auto theft and two trail cameras.

Thanks to the great work by Captain Laxton, Ptlm Esau Hamby and Ptlm. Ryan Williams in less that three days we were able to make an arrest on a Vehicle theft a business burglary from inside the city as well as a home burglary and another business burglary inside Anderson County and recover stolen property.

This is in addition to a Razor theft that was reported stolen from inside the city on May 8, 2019 and recovered on May 9, along with a stolen uhaul from Oak Ridge that the owner was unaware of.

Previous Story involving the Ginger’s Deli Break-in:

Charges against Lively:

THEFT OF PROP. $10,000-59,999 (F) {UCR:39-14-103D$0.00
BURGLARY (M) {UCR: 220}39-14-402$0.00
VANDALISM (M) {UCR: 290}39-14-408$0.00
THEFT OF PROPERTY 0-1,000 (M) {UCR: 90Z}39-14-105A$0.00

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