ACSD investigates Briceville business break-in

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a break-in that occurred early Sunday morning at a store in Briceville.

Ginger King, the owner of Ginger’s Deli on Briceville Highway, called deputies to the business at around 1 pm Sunday after she had arrived and found the drive-thru window had been busted and several items stolen. King told Deputy Charles Relford that she had reviewed the security camera footage from the overnight hours and seen a man in a black SUV drive up to the front door, get out briefly and walk around before getting back in and driving off. A few minutes later, though, the same SUV pulls up to the west side of the store, where the drive-thru window is located.

He then entered the building by breaking the window and climbing through, making a beeline, according to the video, for the cooler, where he grabbed two 12 packs of Bud Light beer. The video also shows the man stealing two cartons of cigarettes and the cash register, which King said had no money in it at the time of the theft.

The thief did drop one of the 12-packs of beer as he exited the store, but made off with the other items he had grabbed. The SUV then drove off in the direction of Frost Bottom.

According to the incident report, King provided investigators with the name of a person of interest, and also said that she will provide them with the store surveillance footage as well.

The CID is following up. The estimated value of the items stolen came out to roughly $548.

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