A Truck was pulled from the water near Caney Creek Marina Wednesday

According to Sheriff Jack Stockton, investigators with the Roane County Sheriff’s Department will continue to look into the mysterious retrieval of a Ford Ranger pick-up from the water at or near Caney Creek Marina Wednesday afternoon.  Late Tuesday night, Roane County Rescue Squad units were sent there after a fisherman with his depth finder noticed something in the water which looked like a vehicle beneath the surface and called authorities.  The rescue squad along with TWRA officers went out and decided to wait until daylight on Wednesday to start the retrieval of the vehicle. It was pulled from the water around 2 pm Wednesday afternoon.  Sheriff Stockton said there was no body inside the vehicle nor were there many identifying items, but their investigation will continue.  Sheriff Stockton stated that the vehicle did have damage on the roof like it had been rolled over. We will continue to follow this as more information is released.  Its unknown how long the vehicle may have been in the water, but he said it could’ve been several years. If you have lost a Ford Ranger pickup or it may have been stolen in the past, please contact the Roane County Sheriff’s department at 376-5582.


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