Report: OR scrap company pleads to charges

Noble MetalsThe president of an Oak Ridge scrap metal company pleaded guilty earlier this week on behalf of the company to charges that the company knowingly bought railroad metal and falsified documents to cover up the crime.  Noble Metals president and CEO Neal Weegens appeared in Anderson County Criminal Court and pleaded guilty to six misdemeanors.  According to the News-Sentinel, the company received judicial diversion and was placed on probation through September 17th, at which time if they have complied with the terms of the probation, the charge will be expunged from their records.  Noble Metals was also fined $3000 and ordered to pay $3000 to the state’s Fraud and Economic Crime Fund.  The company was named in an indictment in September of 2012 following an investigation by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department and railroad police.

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2 thoughts on “Report: OR scrap company pleads to charges

  1. Tj Garland

    Iwas there that thunderstorm day. Previously the same two undercover cops were turned away with RR scrap. This time they had a half dozen tie plates under some misc metal scrap in an old Ford pickup. All the employees were inside the whse to avoid the lightening and rain. The two pos cops insisted they needed to be unloaded. One employee volunteered to brave the elements. The cops unloaded the scrap including some tie plates. The employee stopped them when he saw the RR scrap and since it was raining, said lets get out of here before we get struck by lightening. Therefore, most of the contraband was returned to the sellers. There was no falsifacation of any records. There was a simple mistake by an employee that cost Noble $11,000 in legal fees. Neal was extorted of the fines instead of spending a lot more on legal fees. This is how the legal system works. Go after the money.
    The rest of the story– this sting was in retaliation of my vocal concern that law enforcement was not enforcing the ridiculous scrap laws on out of state gold buyers. The sheriffs and police totally ignored their illegal set ups in the motels. They were really guilty of malfeasance of office. I insisted that the buyers be arrested, but cops don’t like to be told what to do by mere taxpayers. They ignored me. It eventually cost Beams his job in OR.
    Contact me if you want to know more about the bias by Clark in Anderson County and the 8 year reign of Fillaeur on the Grand Jury.


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