One man in jail, one in hospital in Rockwood

Rockwood Police, Fire, and EMS all were sent to the rear parking lot at the Victorian Square Assisted Living last night, around 8 pm, for a man that had been hit by a truck. When they arrived there were three individuals, one of which was lying on the ground, and identified as Donald Eugene Goldberg. The victim stated that he believed he had a broken leg after being struck by a truck. Also on scene was his brother, Charles Goldberg, and a friend, Edward “TJ” Baxter, Jr.

The report stated that the witnesses said a black pickup truck driven by Colby Dale Sandifer hit Donnie Goldberg and then fled from the scene.

The report also states that Colby Sandifer, the accused, met Detective John Mays to give his side of the story. Sandifer stated that he and his son, Caleb Goad, and Sandifer’s wife, Christie, had gone to meet Baxter at the parking lot to buy a scanner when all of a sudden another pickup pulled in with Donnie and Charles Goldberg inside.

Sandifer stated that the two Goldberg’s had wanted to harm him in the past so he wanted to leave immediately.  That’s when he said Donnie Goldberg threw a monkey wrench into his windshield making him accelerate, which caused him to run over Goldberg.

Donald Eugene Goldberg was taken by ambulance to the University of Tennessee Medical Center where he remained today. Colby Dale Sandifer, who was being questioned at the Rockwood Police Department with the other two witnesses, was placed under arrest because of two warrants out of Cumberland County.

As to what happened with the hit and run by Sandifer on Goldberg, that is still under investigation and may be turned over to a Roane County Grand Jury, according to the police report.

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