Domestic Call ends in arrest for theft, drugs, assault

Brandon Wade Adams, 22

The Rockwood police was sent on a domestic call just before midnight on Elm Street.  One of the parties was gone when they got there but this morning, they were able to catch up with the alleged suspect at 504 N. Gateway Avenue.  The person, according to the police report, was identified as Brandon Wade Adams, 22.  Adams is being charged with: 

1 39-14-103 Theft of Property Not from Building Up To $1,000

2 39-14-103 Theft of Property Not from Building Up To $1,000

3 39-13-111 Domestic Assault

4 39-17-434 Methamphetamine – Manufacture, Delivery, Sell or Possess

5 39-17-425-M Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

6 39-17-437 Using substance or device to falsify drug test results

7 55-8-109 Obedience to traffic-control device

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