A man was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant then charged with having a Legend Drug without a prescription

Kingston, TN: Just before midnight Monday, Deputy J. Joseph, was dispatched to Interstate 40 westbound near the 360-exit in reference to a man wearing a brown coat on the side of the interstate. He located the male, identified as 52-year-old Homer Samuel Ivey.  Ivey was unsteady on his feet and carrying an empty fuel canister. The deputy then, according to his report, asked Ivey where he was going to which he replied that he was looking for his vehicle and that he believed that it had been stolen by a male he was riding with. Upon questioning Ivey, he was inconsistent on where he had left his vehicle, make and model of the vehicle, and stated that he didn’t know the name of who he was with.  Deputy Joseph then asked Ivey to see his identification to which he pulled a hotel-style room key out of his wallet and attempted to hand it to him.  During this encounter Ivey continued to sway and stumble. Roane County Central dispatch then advised that Ivey had an active Violation of Probation warrant out of Campbell County.  The deputy advised Ivey that he had an active arrest warrant and transported Ivey directly to the Roane County Detention Center. Upon our arrival to the Detention Facility Ivey pulled a stack of nineteen (19) 8mg Suboxone sublingual films out of his wallet.  Ivey could provide no prescription for these drugs and stated that he had no bottle for them.   Ivey is being charged with Possessing a drug unlawfully with no prescription.

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