Commission Chairman makes statement about the TVA closure of Bull Run

Anderson County Commission Chairman, Tracy Wandell

The following is a statement that Anderson County Commission Chairman, and Claxton resident, Tracy Wandell, made about the TVA Board voting to close Bull Run Steam Plant.

The TVA Board voted to close Bull Run Fossil plant and Paradise Fossil plant today at its board meeting.

It is estimated that the BRF will be closed in 2023. I will be standing for our Claxton property to be returned to its original state best as possible. That includes buildings and the removal of all coal ash storage and landfill material. I made those comments yesterday to the Board. For the environmental groups please work to have all coal ash removed from our District at Bull Run. Our District never agreed to have an active landfill for TVA and we were never asked. So please help us get the ash taken to another location for proper disposal.

Of the 125 workers at BRF there are 25 that live in Anderson County. To those and the other 105 am am sorry about this decision. It is my understanding that TVA will be assisting in helping with career transitions through their HR group. I will help in anyway that I can.

So we have roughly 5 years to develop a cleanup plan, a redevelopment plan and understand how that process will work. I am very hopeful TVA will work with Anderson County and our Community to help with these plans. My message to TVA is simple – please listen to the Community and ensure they are a part of the redevelopment process.

This Valentines Day will be one that I will always remember. You have my commitment that I will stay engaged, listen and work to ensure our District and County is is a part of any decisions going forward.

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One thought on “Commission Chairman makes statement about the TVA closure of Bull Run

  1. Jennings Foust

    Thank you Commissioner Wandell once again for having the community as your strong priority. TVA has let us down again. Jobs lost, property lost, natural scenic view lost, fly ash every where, and now they decide to cut and run. Good neighbor, I do not think so. Hopefully enough governmental elected officials can get on board and make a difference.


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