Domestic Call lands Two in jail

Several Roane County Deputies was dispatched to 201 College Grove Road on a report of an active physical domestic case last night just after 7pm.  A disturbance between several individuals was occurring and a weapon was involved.  Once on scene the report stated that contact was made with multiple subjects, including Garrett Gielissen, John Mller, Dakotah Siler, Ashley Gielissen, Digna McCalden, William McCalden, and three juveniles. All parties were then separated.

At that time the investigation began. While speaking with Ms. Siler she said that she was sitting in a sunroom with her son when she heard a knock at the door. Ms. Siler said that it was John Miller. Mr. Miller asked Ms. Siler to go and get Ms. Gielissen or Mr. Gielissen. Ms. Siler told Mr. Miller that both subjects were here but neither one wished to speak with him. At that time Ms. Siler went back into the sunroom to avoid being involved with the situation. Ms. Siler said that Mr. Miller had previously been making threats to people inside of the home. Ms. Siler said that when she went back into the sunroom, she heard screaming. When Ms. Siler opened the door, she saw Mr. Gielissen pointing a gun at Mr. Miller. Ms. Siler then said that both parties began to fight. At that time Ms. Siler called 911. Ms. Siler said that she was not sure when the gun was put down but when it was she took it and put it in the bathroom.

After the investigation two people were arrested without anyone getting harmed, Garrett Gielissen, 26, was charged with 2 counts of aggravated assault.  John David Miller, 24, charged with Simple Possession or Casual Exchange, Unlawful Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia.


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