Dotson trial could end today with the possible verdict today as well

Matthew Dotson on trial for the death of his 2-year-old son, Clifford Dotson in 2012.

Mathew Dotson’s trial started in the Roane County Courthouse Tuesday, and now sources tell us the jury could get the case as early as this afternoon, with a verdict as early as this evening.  The Jury was s selected and finalized, Tuesday afternoon and the trial of Mathew Dotson began for his role in the starving death of his son Clifford Dotson, two, back in 2012 near Lenoir City where he and his wife lived.  Last year the mother, Amanda Dotson, pled guilty to charges related to the death of her two-year-old son that occurred in 2012.  She received 40 years for her role in the death of the toddler.

Matthew and Amanda Dotson. Amanda pleaded guilty late last year and was to testify against her husband.

In 2012, two-year-old Clifford Dotson was rushed to the emergency room at Fort Loudon Medical Center. Officials say he weighed just 12 pounds. By 4:50 a.m., doctors announced the toddler had died. An autopsy later revealed that the child hadn’t received enough food or water, and he had died of malnutrition. Investigators from the Roane County Sheriff’s Department helped Loudon County Investigators turn their attention to the parents, Matthew and Amanda Dotson. The jury is sequestered in the trial which is ongoing today.

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