Morgan County Drug Round-up nets 39 arrests

(UPDATE – Monday, 1/28/19 with names of those arrested) A roundup of some 39 individuals wanted in connection for charges of illegal drug activity in Morgan County occurred this morning beginning around 6 AM with a briefing, and then on to pick up several who were not already in custody.  This comes with the assistance of sheriff Wayne potter’s agency, Wartburg police department, along with the ninth judicial District Drug Task Force, TBI, THP, and ATF agents. Also, part of the round-up enforcement was US Marshal’s department staff, local agencies including Morgan, Roane, Anderson, Blount, and Scott County Department officers. Several of the 39 indicted by a grand jury was already in custody but sources say that an additional 20 to 25 were sought for earlier today and most were arrested and brought to the Morgan County Jail for processing, this according to Ninth Judicial District Attorney General Russell Johnson.   Today’s Roundup, according to Johnson, was a success and he appreciates all the efforts of all the agencies who participated. Morgan County Sheriff Wayne Potter has been on the record saying he will not tolerate illegal drug activity in Morgan County and he along with Wartburg police will do all they can to eliminate drugs from that area.

A list of name of those arrested in the Roundup was sent to us by the District Attorney’s office as public information:

Rex Campbell
Amy Collins
Christine Crumley
Patrick Davidson
Charles Davis
Erica Devaney
Vanessa Durfee
Mota Fitzgerald
Dino Geracci
Douglas Goad
Patricia Hensley
Gary Jackson
Natasha Jackson
Jerry Jones
Tasha Langley
Sarah Lavender
Travis Ledbetter
Sara Michelle Lee
Kerstin Lively
Amos Morgan
Danyelle Moseley
Tara Muraco
Cecil Ooten
Carolyn Patterson
Jesse Picca
Robert Picca
Spring Picca
Paul Ray
Gregory Scarborough
Joseph Scarborough
Alfonso Sexton
Anthony Shelley
Stacia Spurling
Grant Steelman
Brittany Swint
Julie Taylor
Stephen L. Wallace
Adam Lavender
William Emonos

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