New Years Eve Party lands some teens in the hospital, others facing possible charges

A party in “the Cove” was reported on New Years day, after attempting to gather more information about the incident, the Morgan County Sheriff’s office released this press release today (Wednesday, January 2, 2019).

Press Release: Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

At approximately 0130 am on 1/1/2019 the Morgan County 911 dispatch center received a call transferred from Anderson County 911 anonymously reporting a large number of teenagers drinking and using drugs at remote property in the “the Cove”, a community located near Oliver Springs, just inside the Morgan County Line. Sheriff Wayne Potter and several of his deputies immediately responded to 1061 Cove Lane.

As the first deputies arrived approximately 15-20 individuals ran into the woods nearby and another 25-30 were found in an open structure located on the property at the above address. Officers immediately noticed that the majority of the them were impaired and that there were numerous containers of alcohol also in the structure. Four individuals were immediately transported by ambulance to the hospital. Included was a 14yr. old female who was unconscious and a 16yr old male who was in physical distress.

Over the next several hours Sheriff Potter and his deputies located and transported approximately 30 individuals including more than 15 juveniles, to the Sheriff’s Office for interviews.

Sheriff Potter stated “We anticipated that we would be very busy during that time period, so we put extra officers on shift. I am pleased that we were able to get there as fast as we did. I want to personally thank all of the different agencies that assisted with manpower and equipment, we could not have done this without their help.” The individual agencies are listed below.

At this time all of the people transported by ambulance are reportedly in stable condition but still have a way to go. According to Sheriff Potter “We are very fortunate that we were able to get there in time to get medical attention to those in need and stop the party before it got any worse. This investigation is ongoing, and we anticipate that there will be some charges filed within the next few days.

“We responded to more than 35 calls for service New Year’s Eve and early into New Year’s Day. We made several arrests and seized a large quantity of drugs and alcohol during that time. What began as a successful effort turned bittersweet when some of our kids ended up in the hospital. Alcohol, drugs and teenagers can be a deadly combination and with the help of concerned citizens we will do everything we can to stop this dangerous activity in the future” said Sheriff Potter.

Assisting Agencies
Morgan County EMS
Morgan County E-911
Morgan County Rescue Squad
Coalfield Fire Department
Oliver Springs Police Department and Fire Department
Wartburg Police Department
Anderson County
First Responders
Sheriff ‘s Department

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One thought on “New Years Eve Party lands some teens in the hospital, others facing possible charges

  1. Teresa Woods

    I’m very thankful that the Morgan County Sherrifs Department was able to respond in time to help those in distressget the help they needed and taken care of. Thanks to all who assisted the department. Our tri-county area is losing too many young people to illicit drugs and alcohol.


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