County, Oak Ridge tell TVA “Keep Bull Run open”

TVA Bull Run Steam Plant in Claxton

Responding to a TVA request for comments on possibly retiring the coal-fired Bull Run Fossil Plant in Claxton in 2023, Anderson County Mayor Terry Frank has written a letter requesting the plant stay open that was unanimously approved Monday night by the Anderson County Commission. The public comment period concerning the plant ended Wednesday.
The letter indicates that the county hopes it will remain open because of the 100 or so jobs at the plant,but also says that in the event TVA does close it down, that the utility consider using the site as the home of a natural gas plant,or make it available for commercial use. Oak Ridge officials also submitted a letter echoing those sentiments before the close of public comment.The draft environment assessment analyzes the consequences of a possible retirement of the plant in 2023.

That report indicates that Bull Run has the worst rate in TVA’s roster of coal-fired assets for unplanned shutdowns to repair or replace failed equipment, and that it has“relatively high projected future” maintenance and environmental compliance costs.
The report also outlined the environmental, social, recreational and economic impacts that closing Bull Run might have. These include better air quality and fewer issues with solid waste such as coal ash, but also the loss of jobs. lorful Accent


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