Jacksboro Man Cited by State Enviornmental Officials

Earlier this week, a Jacksboro man was cited by state environmental officials after some of the thousands of barrels at a site just outside the Rocky Top city limits were leaking chemicals into a nearby waterway. Thursday, he told a Knoxville TV station that he is already working to address the problems outlined by the state.

Local and state authorities were called to a large lot on Longfield Church Road last Friday after a large amount of foam was spotted in a tributary of Coal Creek, allegedly caused by runoff from what the state described as a non-permitted recycling facility

Larry Watters of Jacksboro is the owner of the property, and advertises on social media that he sells barrels. This week, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation issued a notice accusing Watters of several violations of state clean water laws.

The alleged violations filed by TDEC’s Division of Water Resources, are:
•Disturbing more than an acre of soil without obtaining a permit;
•Failing to install erosion and sediment control measures;
•Improperly storing what the state called “an unknown blue liquid which entered the waters of the state;
•Operation of a recycling center without a permit, and;
•Failing to properly treat the stormwater discharge from that recycling operation.

Watters also faces a hearing at the TDEC offices in Knoxville on November 14th, at which time he will have to show the state exactly how he plans to clean up the property and bring the site in to compliance with Tennessee clean water laws.

Watters told WBIR-TV Thursday that the chemicals in question was what he described as carwash detergent, and that he has volunteers helping him clean up the site, cap the remaining barrels, and improve its erosion control measures.

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