In a special report today.. Clinton Mayor, Scott Burton announced that an “Agreement to Purchase” has been made for property along Charles G. Seivers Blvd.

The Mayor’s press release says:
A community conscious Knoxville developer has entered into an Agreement to Purchase the former Magnet Knitting Mills site, which has been a topic of conversation, debate, and contention in the Clinton area for several years.

While the current owner has obtained a permit for the demolition of the existing two-story brick building, the potential new owner has another multi-use vision for the site.

Upon completion of the sale and the transfer of the property to the new owner, the City of Clinton will work with the Knoxville owner/developer to rehabilitate the site for future live-work, retail and commercial use. This rehabilitation would include the renovation of the existing building and preservation of Clinton’s downtown.

Mayor, Scott Burton
City of Clinton

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