Harriman Police Department hires a New Police Chief

The City of Harriman has appointed Acting Chief of Police, Lt. Baron Tapp, as the permanent Chief of Police to be effective immediately.  Chief Tapp recently returned to the Harriman Police Department in the role of Lieutenant, after working several years with the Fairfield Glade Police Department.  Chief Tapp had previously worked for the Harriman Police Department and has over twenty years of police experience. Chief Tapp had been serving in the role of Acting Chief of Police since Chief Kenneth Humphrey took a leave of absence.  Recently, the City was notified by Chief Humphrey that he would not be returning to his former position with the City of Harriman.  After being informed of this decision, City Manager Helms met individually with the Mayor and Council to get input on their view as to how to proceed with choosing a permanent replacement.   These conversations also outlined the characteristics which they felt were important for the successful candidate to possess. Mr. Helm s met a few individuals who expressed interest in the position and ultimately decided that Chief Tapp was the best choice based upon the input provided by the Mayor and Council. The City Manager stated that the number of local citizens and businesses who contacted him to express support for Chief Tapp demonstrated how important Harriman and its citizens are to Chief Tapp.  Given his years of experience and familiarity with the department, it became obvious that he was the best choice for the position. Mayor Best added, I think he is a great choice and a local person that has worked his way up the ranks. 

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