Amanda Dotson pleads guilty will testify against husband in murder of child

District Attorney General Russell Johnson notified BBB TV12 this morning that Amanda Dotson has entered into a plea agreement that will give her 40 years in prison for her role in the death of her son, Clifford Dotson, back in 2012.  Dotson also agreed to testify against her husband, Matthew Dotson.

Clifford died on May 3, 2012 at Fort Loudon Medical Center after his mother took him to the emergency room. A Loudon County Sheriff ’s Department deputy notified Roane County about the boy’s condition.

Roane County Sheriff’s Department Detective Art Wolff said the baby died before he arrived at the hospital.

Sheriff Jack Stockton said the two-year-old weighed only 12 pounds at the time of his death and died of malnutrition.

The sheriff said the boy had spent a good deal of time restrained in a car seat and “they were feeding him sometimes once a day. This is the worst case of child neglect I’ve ever seen in my whole career,” Stockton said.

The Dotsons lived on Lerchen Road in Roane County when Clifford died. Lerchen Road is east of Gallaher Road, in the area between U.S Highway 70 and Interstate 40.

Matthew Dotson’s murder trial is set for January 16, 2019.

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One thought on “Amanda Dotson pleads guilty will testify against husband in murder of child

  1. Sandi

    This bitch ain’t nothing but a cold hearted black eye souless demon. She was simply too damn lazy to take care of her baby. What a shame. One thing for certain the state will feed her stupid ass. They should starve the bitch!!!!


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